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Every city has its secrets....

HBO's Rome
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All Members , Moderated
This community is for fans of HBO's Rome series


No Spamming allowed. I will ban you if you spam this group. Only posts dealing with this show and the characters from this show are allowed here.

1. This community will be moderated and kept an eye on.
2. If you want to talk about THE CURRENT SEASON, all chat has to be UNDER a cut. This includes spoilers or no spoilers. No exception! THIS INCLUDES EPISODES THAT HAVE ALREADY AIRED THIS SEASON!
3. All other posts can be made without the cut option.
4. Do not post any "Drama". This is a drama free zone. Your posts will be deleted if I think it is "drama" or could incite any drama.
5. If your post has nothing to do with ROME it will be deleted.